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RUSSIAN AIRCRAFT CORPORATION “MIG” AT AERO INDIA 2005 Continuing 42-year history of cooperation with India, Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” (RAC “MiG”) is participating in the international Air Show AERO INDIA’05. RAC “MiG” is not only displaying stand exhibits but also MiG-29M2 two-seat fighter being a part of “MiG” new family of unified multifunctional combat aircraft including MiG-29M, MiG-29K andMiG-29KUB. Two years passed after previous Air Show in Bangalore are marked by preparation and signing of a contract for delivery of 16 MiG-29K (KUB) shipborne fighters to the Indian Navy. They will comprise the main weaponry of “Vikramaditya” carrier and, possibly, other ships of this class that will ensure safety and stability in the Indian Ocean. The contract signed on January 20, 2004, provides delivery of 12 single-seat MiG-29K and 4 two-seat MiG-29KUB to the Indian Navy in the period from 2007 to 2009 as well as training of pilots and technical personnel, delivery of simulators, spare parts, organization of aircraft after-sale support in India. Work on the contract is being conducted in full compliance with the schedule. Series production of the aircraft has been started, their configuration fully meets customer requirements. 8 MiG-29 of various modifications are involved in MiG-29K test program. In 2002 to 2005 they have performed around 600 sorties. On the eve of the Air Show, RAC “MiG” Director General – Designer General Alexey Fedorov stated: “MiG-29K contract was prepared and tailored very well and RAC “MiG” does not have any problem with its fulfillment”. MiG-29K (KUB) shipborne fighters are aircraft of a new family that will be demanded in the global market during the next 10 years. Aircraft operation will last, at least, until the middle of the XXI century. MiG-29K (KUB) design embodies experience of shipborne fighter for the Russian carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” development and tests as well as incorporates the most advanced solutions in the sphere of electronics. MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB are multifunctional fighters. They have increased flight range due to fuel reserve that became almost two times bigger by means of additional external fuel tanks and in-flight refueling capability. Other MiG-29K (KUB) advantages are heavier combat load, high reliability and combat survivability provided by two-engine scheme and redundancy of main systems. In terms of its outlook, MiG-29K (KUB) does not significantly differ from MiG-29. Nevertheless, all its main systems were redesigned to bring them in compliance with global standards. MiG-29K (KUB) is equipped with new RD-33MK engines with higher thrust and extended life time. They were developed by “Klimov Plant” and are under series production with “Moscow Machine Building Enterprise named after Chernyshev”. The fighter is fitted with an advanced digital fly-by-wire quadro-redundant control system ensuring high level of aircraft combat survivability. MiG-29K (KUB) avionics is built according to the open architecture principle. “Ramenskoye Avionics Design Bureau” was system integrator. Open architecture ensures integration of units, systems and weapons of Russian, Indian and French origin. In particular, MiG-29K (KUB) is equipped with some units that were designed and produced in India. MiG-29K (KUB) is equipped with “Zhuk-ME” modern multifunctional multi-mode pulse-Doppler radar. The radar provides detection of fighters at 120 km, simultaneous attack of up to 4 aerial targets and air-to-ground mode. “Zhuk-ME” was developed and is under series production with “Phasotron-NIIR” Corporation. It has successfully gone through all types of ground and flight tests and was delivered to customers in the set of upgraded MiG-29. MiG-29K cockpit is equipped with multifunctional color displays, controls feature HOTAS principle. MiG-29K (KUB) weaponry ensures hitting of aerial, ground and sea targets. In particular, it includes advanced medium-range air-to-air missile RVV-AE realizing “fire and forget” principle, as well as R-73 close-in combat missile surpassing all existing equivalents. MiG-29K (KUB) is the only shipborne fighter in the world to apply Kh-31A supersonic anti-ship missiles resistant to air-defence. Using Kh-31P missiles, the fighter can engage enemy air-defence radar. Establishment of a service center and a customs warehouse within MiG-29K program as well as continuous extension of Indian repair plants’ (involved in MiG-29K operation) capabilities create a basis for a radical improvement and cheapening of Indian Armed Forces existing and new aircraft operation. In parallel with new family fighters production, such as MiG-29K (KUB), RAC “MiG” also improves MiG-29 already in service. Starting from 2004, upgraded MiG-29SMT equipped with “Zhuk-ME” and open architecture avionics have been exported. Modified MiG-29 also feature extended service life– from 20 to 40 years – and reduced operational costs. Together with the Russian Air Force, RAC “MiG” works on a program to upgrade MiG-29 in service. The program is based on those technical solutions that were implemented on MiG-29K (KUB) and MiG-29SMT. RAC “MiG” can propose to foreign customer a number of upgrade packages providing necessary growth of efficiency and maximum unification within existing air fleet. RAC “MiG” continues upgrade of previously produced combat aircraft including MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, MiG-31. Together with “Sokol” Plant and HAL, RAC “MiG” developed a program of 125 Indian Air Force aircraf tmodernization up to MiG-21upg level and is currently conducting its author’s support. Cooperation between IAF, “MiG” and HAL provided considerable reduction of MiG-21 failure rate. As per last year results, MiG-21 featured higher safety then other single-engine fighter of IAF including those that are in service for much shorter time. At AERO INDIA’05 RAC “MiG” is displaying components of a new system to train pilots, engineers and technicians for various types of MiG aircraft. The new system widely uses interactive computer systems, advanced simulators and perfect visualization systems. Training complexes can be delivered for new aircraft and for the ones delivered before taking into account configuration special features. Interactive automated system of pilots and technicians training (IASO) is intended for initial pilots and technicians training to obtain skills of MiG aircraft operation and maintenance. The system provides flexible configuration depending on requirements and particular aircraft type. RAC “MiG” has already delivered and deployed IASO with a number of foreign partners. Full-mission simulator of MiG-29 was developed by RAC “MiG” in cooperation with world leaders in the sphere of display applications. It ensures simulation of all flight stages from take-off, mission fulfillment, aerobatics, combat employment, maneuverable combat, to landing. Visualization technology provides full submersion of a student into virtual flight. A special feature of the simulator is a real geographic data base with update possibility that was developed using satellite recordings. Apart from simulator delivery, RAC “MiG” can propose establishment of dedicated training centers for pilots in regions operating MiG-29 as well as services on pilots training in “MiG” company itself. RAC “MiG” is striving for development of cooperation with heroic Indian Armed Forces and growing Indian airspace industry. Together with “Rosoboronexport”, RAC “MiG” has supplied its proposals on MiG-29M and MiG-29M2 to participate in the coming tender of the Indian Air Force to purchase 126 fighters. If these proposals are accepted, series production of MiG-29M and MiG-29M2 will be deployed at HAL facilities also involving other Indian companies. At that, it is planned to maximally use positive experience of Russian companies interaction with HAL on organization of Su-30MKI fighters joint production. Long fruitful cooperation of the Indian MoD with RAC “MiG” fits well into partner relationship between India and Russia that was many times proven during regular negotiations at various levels including the highest one. Further steps in this direction open new prospective related to strengthening of India’s defence capabilities and forming of an Indo-Russian sector in the world aviation industry.


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