The Production Complex integrates three Production Centers which are working in accordance with the single plan and in close cooperation.

The compact arrangement of the RAC "MiG" Production Centers in the European part of the Russian Federation, the close proximity to the design centers and tests of the aeronautical engineering provide for reduction of logistics costs.

The permanent renewal of the RAC "MiG" production facilities makes the production process more mobile, capable quickly and effectively to respond to changes of market conditions and the Corporation manufacturing needs.

The up-to-date information technologies are widely used in production process of manufacturing the flight vehicles.

The Production Center No.1 (PC 1) located in city of Lukhovitsy, Moscow region is a high capacity modern plant provided with the high-performance equipment and capable to produce various flight vehicles: from ultra-light airplanes up to state-of-the-art fighters and passenger airplanes.

Within the framework of the current re-equipment of the Production Center the Lukhovitsky plant plays the role of the main industrial site of RAC "MiG".

The airframe components of MiG-23 and MiG-29 aircraft have been serially produced in Lukhovitsy. Currently the plant produces in series MiG-29K/KUB carrier-based fighters.

Within the framework of the conversion program the plant produces IL-103 light civil airplanes as well as airframes composite aggregates of Su-29 and Su-31 sport airplanes.

The shop of final assembly which is put into operation in 2005 is the most advanced one in Russia. It allows produce both combat aircraft and civil airplanes including the passenger ones.

PC1 is equipped with modern machine processing and measuring equipment which ensures the application of digital manufacturing technologies as well as the production lines for manufacturing of large-scale composite constructions.

The aerodrome "Tretyakovo" relates to the Production Center where the test and acceptance flights of all serial aircraft produced by the Corporation are performed.

Production center No.2 (PC2) is the oldest (founded in 1893) aircraft manufactuing plant of Russia (previously - MMP "Znamya Truda " and MAPO). Since 1909 some tens thousand airplanes have been produced at the plant including I-1, U-2, R-5, IL-2, IL-28, IL-38, Su-9, Yak-26, famous fighters MiG-21, MiG-23 and MiG-29, passenger IL-14 and IL-18, light Aviatika-MAI-890/890SKh. At the plant the nose section of "Buran" spaceship was produced. Currently the plant is specialized in production of up-to-date modifications of MiG-29 family fighters.

Within the framework of PC2 re-equipment it is realized the smooth reduction of power-intensive, labour input and environmentally poor technologies and enhancement of capabilities in machining with usage of modern processing centers.

At the plant the effective production processes have been successfully mastered and applied:
manufacture of large-size airframe power units with a wide application of composite materials of different types;
manufacture of large-size airframe welded aggregates from advanced steel, titanium and aluminum-lithium alloys, including the application of electron-beam welding and argon-arc welding of the equipment with numeric program control and welding in controlled medium;
the automated processes of parts machining, production of aggregates and aircraft assembly;
shaping of sheet parts by elastic medium and manufacture of bicurvature skins, different pipelines, honeycomb-composite units and mechanical rubber items;
manufacture and tests of hydraulic and pneumatic aircraft units as well as aggregates of fuel and electrical equipment;
subassembly and final assembly of flight vehicles airframes, equipment installation, adjustment and debugging of systems, leveling of flight vehicles.

Kalyazinsky Machine Building Plant was founded in 1967 as a subdivision of a former plant "Znamya truda". Originally at production facilities of Kalyazinsky Machine Building Plant there were manufactured the spares for the technical support of military aircraft not produced currently but operated in Air Force of many countries.

At present Kalyazinsky machine building plant is provided with a modern production equipment, is included into cooperation for manufacture of modern "MiG" brand fighters.

Svishchenko Alexander Alexeevich Deputy General Director for Production is in charge of the RAC "MiG" production activities.


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