Development strategy

RAC "MiG" mission for the nearest period of the strategic planning:

"Development, production, sale and aftersale service of the competitive aeronautical engineering on the basis of the advanced scientific-technological developments, efficient production and advanced sphere of services".
The strategic concept of the Corporation development is the growth strategy on the basis of a full-scale diversification of production, consolidation and strengthening of its positions in the market of aeronautical engineering and services in its operation. 
This concept is realized on following basic strategic directions: 
  • Formation and implementation of priority purpose-oriented programs for development of competitive products. 
  • Expansion of product market and services of the Corporation, increase of competitiveness of products and services as well as enhancement of marketing activity efficiency. 
  • Setting up of the Corporation effective high-tech production facilities on the basis of technical re-equipment of enterprises and creation of effective system of quality management. 

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