Mikoyan Experimental Design Bureau

The Russian school of an aeronautical engineering design has made as the basis of its activity the ensuring of aircraft high performance in combination with reliability, simplicity in operation and capability for further development of aviation complexes built on the basis of aircraft developed by the Corporation.

The traditional, personal connections with the people in hundreds of organizations-subcontractors - from research organizations with which Corporation "MiG" is cooperating during decades and to the suppliers of vendor items, from the governmental leaders to the customers, create the favourable conditions when there are real capabilities for designing of advanced aeronautical engineering. RAC "MiG" is proud of strong and friendly relations with the military customers all over the world.
The scientific, design and manufacturing potential accumulated during decades is maintained and is being intensively developed. The numerous R&D performed at the RAC "MiG" expenses considerably contributed recently to the Corporation potential preservation.
Last years the hardware base of design, development and experimental activities is essentially enhanced, new calculation techniques are tested, digital methods in the design engineering of a new aeronautical engineering are introduced.
RAC "MiG" intensively uses CAD/CAM/CAE-systems integrated into a unified complex by a PLM-system Teamcenter. The design and technical publications for new aircraft are elaborated completely in digital format.
The following areas are dynamically developed:
• creation of mathematical support for top level onboard computers, aircraft monitoring and control systems; 
• creation of new types of technical training means (computer training classes for training of flight and technical personnel and different types of simulators); 
• creation of ground support integrated systems of aircraft operation, flight mission preparation systems, etc.

Together with organizations working in the field of electronics and human engineering there are developed the new principles of "man-machine" interfaces generation in composite systems with cross coupled loops of data processing and decision making.
The unique combination of experience of the Corporation oldest specialists accumulated for decades during design, development and operation of tens of aircraft types and new ideas, modern approach to designing, energy and ambitions of youth makes successful practically each project RAC "MiG" starts.
Experimental Design Bureau has scientific and technological potential, staff of the highly qualified specialists and technical means required for full scale designing of the most advanced aeronautical engineering.
The significant re-equipment of the Experimental Design Bureauprovided during the last ten years has allowed, against a background of a common decrease of research and development in the Russian industry, to keep the potential and in some areas even to enhance it in the field of gas dynamics, conventional aerodynamics, static and dynamic strength, dynamics of flights.
The A.I. Mikoyan Experimental Design Bureau special pride is the elaboration of an integral system of formation of configuration of advanced integrated combat systems including the installation of attack and navigation systems and development of high-performance algorithms of armament control system as well as at fighters formation.
In different periods of time such outstanding designers like A.I Mikoyan, M.I Gurevich, R.A. Belyakov, G.E. Lozino-Lozinsky, N.Z. Matyuk, A.A. Chumachenko, A.A. Belosvet, M.R. Valdenberg, G.A. Sedov etc.have worked at the Design Bureau.
In cooperation with the main aviation research centers of Russia - TsAGI and SibNIA, which successfully lasts already for some decades and includes hundreds of topics and tens of really designed airplanes, RAC "MiG" is capable to carry out full-scale air- and gas dynamic researches, including the integration of complicated systems "airframe - power plant", precise improvement of aerodynamics of flight vehicles of any complexity schemes - from a low velocity with complex vortex flows up to hypersonic aerodynamics of dense and rarefied media.

The similar fruitful cooperation is realized with other federal research centers: GosNIAS (development and installation of aircraft integrated systems), TsIAM (power plants of flight vehicles), VIAM (structural materials), LII (flight tests and technique of flight tests) as well as a lot of specialized scientific and research organizations.
The aircraft designed and certificated by A.I. Mikoyan Experimental Design Bureau have been produced apart from the RAC "MiG" Production Center at Nizhniy Novgorod Aircraft Manufacturing Plant "Sokol", Irkutsk Aircraft Manufacturing Plant, at other aircraft manufacturing enterprises of Russia, in CIS countries and also under licence in some foreign countries.

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