In RAC "MiG" it is designed and realized the quality management system (QMS), which comprises design, production, tests, service, supervision and repair of military products. GMS is based on the international standards of the quality management system of the International Standards Organization 9000 series.

The government of Russia has granted to RAC "MiG" the full-fledged licences for design, production and technical support of civil and military aeronautical engineering.

RAC "MiG" is an official prime contractor of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. "MiG" brand aircraft are the basis of a fighter aviation of the Armed Forces of Russia. The government of Russia performs the target financing of priority areas of the Corporation activities from the budget.

The Russian Government delegated to the RAC “MiG” the right to exercise independent foreign-trade activities in relation to the defense production, in the terms of:
 - deliveries of spare parts, aggregates, assemblies, devices, OEM components, special, training and ancillary equipment, technical documentation for the previously delivered defense production;
 - carrying out works of examination, standardizing, product life extension, maintenance, overhaul (including upgrade, which assume carrying out research and developments works) and other kinds of works providing for integrated after-sales service of the previously delivered defense production, training of the foreign specialists for implementation of the indicated activities;
 - participation in establishing, with foreign customers, joint ventures, which would perform maintenance and repair of the defense production;
 - establishing and complementary equipping, on the territory of foreign states, facilities ensuring integrated after-sales service of the previously delivered defense production;
 - import of defense production required for manufacture of in-house defense production.

The effective marketing agreements and long-term links with the largest Russian exporter of armament - state company "Rosoboronexport" allow RAC "MiG" efficiently be involved practically in any markets over the world.


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