“MiG” Corporation completed repair and upgrade of MiG-31 batch


Nizhny Novgorod aircraft factory «Sokol» – «MiG» Corporation subsidiary (part of PJSC «UAC» of SC “Rostec”) completed contract for overhaul and upgrade of MiG-31 fighter-interceptors batch. 

On December 25 the final combat aircraft was transported to the airfield of its basing.
«Upgraded MiG-31 has high performance and is capable of solving successfully combat missions in current conditions”, stated JSC «RAC «MiG» Managing director Andrey Gerasimchuk.- Today Nizhny Novgorod aircraft factory «Sokol» continues technical reequipping, that will make it possible to use new technologies, enhance production system, increase enterprise effectiveness and fulfil contractual obligations in full scope in fixed time and with high quality». 
MiG-31 is the first fourth generation combat aircraft, designed for the country Air Defense. The latest contract for fighter-interceptors batch upgrade was signed in 2019. MiG-31 is designed at A.I. Mikoyan Design Bureau. «Sokol” factory is the only one that produces them serially. The enterprise plans to perform works for further renewal of these aircraft fleet.

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