Wing butting and stabilizing tail fin coupling of the renewed Il-114-300 airframe have started.

Next phase of assembly of the renewed Il-114-300 airframe of the second prototype of regional turboprop air liner has started at Lukhovitsy production facility.

Next phase of assembly of the renewed Il-114-300 airframe of the second prototype of regional turboprop air liner has started at Lukhovitsy production facility. 
Specialists performed wing butting to fuselage and mounted horizontal stabilizing tail fin.  The aircraft is being manufactured on automatic rig using the technology of jig less assembly. It provides the reduction of cost at pre-production phase. 
The aircraft is being manufactured in large-scale cooperation with UAC companies as part of ROSTEC State Corporation.  Production works of wing and tail fins have been completed by Voronezh Aircraft manufacturing Plant.  Final assembly is being performed at Lukhovitsy Aviation Plant named after P.A. Voronin- the affiliate of RAC “MiG”. The designer of aircraft is S.V. Ilyushin Aviation Complex-a flagship company of UAC transport aviation division.  
“Il-114-300 has got a range of undoubted advantages making air liner attractive to potential customers. The aircraft is easy to operate, its performance characteristics enable to utilize the aircraft, in particular, from ground air runways, besides air liner is economical- fuel consumption is 500 kg/h.  Today we are assembling the second aircraft prototype, which will gain a renewed airframe. The aircraft is planned to be tested in flight this year, and this fact will expedite the appearance of Il-114-300 on the market. Moreover, the second aircraft prototype production technologies are being worked out which allow to start serial production of the aircraft within the shortest possible time”, -Oleg Evtushenko, executive director of ROSTEC state corporation said. 
The second Il-114-300 prototype aircraft is being created using serial technologies. Jigless assembly used during manufacturing of a new Il-114-300 is applied at manufacturing of contemporary passenger aircraft. It provides high accuracy of work. 
Digital technologies are used for the adjusting position of aggregates and airframe components. 
“Advanced indigenous technologies, innovative solutions are used during the development and manufacturing of a new Il-114-300. New power plant, digital flight navigation complex,   new systems and equipment , most of which have been designed for this very aircraft and  have been put into production for the first time. In cooperation with Rostec enterprises, which are suppliers of the major part of components, we are creating safe, comfortable, maintenance friendly regional aircraft suitable for Russian operation conditions.  The second prototype aircraft is planned to join flight tests in 2021”, -informed  Sergey Yarkovoy,  the First Deputy Director General of PJSC “Il ”, Managing Director PJSC “IL”.   
Il-114-300 –a short range passenger turboprop aircraft. Airborne vehicle is designed for local air lines, for operation including regions with poor airfield infrastructure and adverse climatic conditions.  Il-114-300 can be used for the aeronautic mobility of population of hard to reach regions of the North, Far East and Siberia. 
Basic characteristics of Il-114-300:
- Maximum passenger capacity – 68 seats,
- Maximum commercial load up to 6, 8 tons,
- Cruising speed – 500 km/h,
- Flight range with maximum commercial load (6, 8 tons) – 1400 km,
- Ferry range – 5000 km,
- Flying height –up to 7600 m

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