“MIG” Corporation developed limiting system of maximum allowed flight operation modes for MiG-35 aircraft

Engineering staff of RAC “MIG” (as part of PJSC “UAC“ of ROSTEC State Corporation) patented limiting system of maximum allowed flight operation modes of maneuvering aircraft.

The first of its integral parts allows the pilot to remain within the allowed angles of attack at any movement of aircraft control stick, avoiding spinning dive. The purpose of the development of the second part is the preservation of maximum G-load limit for combat aircraft during maneuvering in all angles. Upgraded systems have been already installed on MiG-35 and MiG-29М/М2.
“Pilot’s safety and comfort during the flight is the prior goal for our designers and engineers. Patented complex system allows to improve the performance data of “MiG” brand fighters. Now they are considerably superior to their foreign counterparts,”- Andrey Gerasimchuk, Managing Director of “MiG” Corporation said.   
Limiting controller of the maximum allowed modes installed on the previous MiG-23 and MiG-29 fighters was of mechanical type. Aircraft Control Stick pushed away automatically as soon as maximum angle of attack was reached.  It distracted the pilot from controlling the full recovery of aircraft to maximum allowed operation. Pilot will be able to remain within the allowed G-load values at any flight mode owing to upgraded systems. 
“We have been working on the improvement of the limiting controller of maximum allowed flight operation modes of maneuvering aircraft for the last five years. The complicity was that it should have been implemented in the frames of maximum parameters in all maneuvering zone without degradation of technical performance characteristics of combat aircraft. Trials were held in multiple flight modes. Now, we are sure, that we have managed to reach the desired goal, - Yury Obolensky, Deputy Chief Designer on aircraft Control Systems of “MiG” Corporation stated.  
Patented system differs from the similar ones. It allows to improve safety of flights significantly. Due to this fact, technical characteristics of indigenous fighters exceed the foreign ones. At present, from the point of view of operation and maintenance, MiG-35, in particular, is the most effective light fighter in the world. 

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