“MiG corporation starts up interactive complex of aircraft assembly

Interactive complex of technological procedures of aircraft assembly has been activated at manufacturing facilities of JSC ”RAC ”MiG” (incorporated into military aviation division of UAC of SC Rostec)”. 

This platform allows to perform a detailed visualization of technological procedures, to store and to unify the unique data on aircraft assembly process in one data base. Owing to the introduction of the system, the Corporation will complete the transfer from paper task cards to electronic sources of information. A scheme of operating instructions which helps to look into the process of aircraft assembly step-by-step is being used in the frames of the complex. It can be possible to review structured theme-based reference files, look through photo and video files, as well as to study drawings and 3D models of all MiG aircraft which are being developed today.   
Aircraft assembly  is the most complicated process. The complex plays a significant role in the improvement of personnel skill level, remote and direct preparation of young specialists at production facilities. If a plant employee has got a task on the assembly of a certain unit, at any time, he can turn to the interactive system for the required specification of details. It will help to reduce substantively the possible occurrence of any defects in work,  Andrey Gerasimchuk, Managing Director of JSC RAC MiG” said.  
Andrey Ponomorenko, Deputy Chief Designer of RAC MiG Corporation on training equipment and semi-realistic simulation of Avionics shared his plans concerning further development of the project: Interactive Complex is ready for startup, operating system has been adjusted, the required equipment has been received. Data base is being filled up successively, with the receipt of data obtained from shooting technological procedures of aircraft assembly. At present, we are continuously editing materials and adding new subjects into the system. At the moment, about 25 % of material has been shot. This year we are planning to continue active work on system development, by the way of adding new materials.  After the data base is ready it will be available for the procurement by customers for the completion of assembly of the aircraft handed over to them.  
The Complex Hardware consists of hosting server, work stations for corporative network uses and interactive platforms of shared access. The system can be accessed from any RAC MiG” facility. 

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