Il-114-300 passenger aircraft second prototype was demonstrated to Vice prime minister Yuri Borisov

Deputy Chairman of the RF Government Yuri Borisov visited P.A. Voronin Lukhovitsy aircraft factory (JSC ”RAC ”MiG” subsidiary, which is part of United Aircraft Corporation of Rostec State Corporation), where assembly of passenger turbo-prop Il-114-300 aircraft is taking place. 

The maiden flight of this aircraft was made in December, 2020. 
Vice prime minister  together with UAC management inspected the first prototype aircraft, that now participates in flight tests, as well as the Il-114-300 aircraft final assembly shop, where at the present time the assembly of the second prototype with new airframe is being performed.
«Aircraft of this class is in demand very much, our governors are always saying about its necessity in order to perform regional transportations, mainly in the North and Far East», –Yuri Borisov told journalists after inspection of the facility. – The aircraft is in good readiness. We think that at the end of the year 2022 it will complete certification flight tests and from 2023 it will be in serial production.
Stating that production capacity of Il-114-300 final assembly shop at Lukhovitsy is 12 aircraft per annum, Yuri Borisov said that in addition to Russian internal market the aircraft can be in demand abroad, including in CIS countries. «I think that the market niche is quite stable and this project tempo should be increased », – stated the Vice-prime minister.
After inspection of production facilities Yuri Borisov held a meeting, in which the First deputy chairman of RF military and industrial complex board Andrey Elchaninov, RF industry and trade deputy minister Oleg Bocharov, PJSC “UAC” director general Yuri Slusar, PJSC «Il» director general Sergey Yarkovoi, PJSC «Il» chief designer Sergey Ganin,  JSC «UEC» director general Alexander Artukhov, Russian aviation and Ministry of Defense representatives participated.
Il-114-300 is a regional turbo-prop passenger aircraft. The designer of the aircraft is S.V. Ilyshin aviation complex, a parent enterprise of transport aviation division in United Aircraft Corporation (PJSC «UAC» which is part of Rostec State Corporation).
PJSC «UAC» is implementing the project for upgrade and resuming Il-114-300 regional passenger aircraft serial production by order of  the RF President in order to provide the air transportation internal market with  domestic production up-to-date aircraft. The first prototype aircraft is executing flight test program, later on the other two aircraft will join it.
Il-114-300 is being made for local airlines, also for use in regions with poor airfield infrastructure as well as in adverse weather conditions, i.e. hard-to-reach North, Far East and Siberia regions. The aircraft makes it possible to convey up to 68 passengers at up to 1400 km range with speed of 450 km/h.
The aircraft is designed for replacement at the internal airlines of An-24, that have been completing their service life, as well as foreign production aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with ТV7-117SТ-01 turbo-prop engines of JSC «UEC-Кlimov» (part of UEC, Rostec State Corporation) design and production. The engine at take-off has power of up to 3100 h.p. and, in comparison with the basic engine (ТV7-117SМ), is distinct in higher power in take-off and cruise modes.
Il-114-300 is being produced completely from domestic materials and components. It is being made in cooperation with leading Russian designers of systems and equipment, a great amount of components are being delivered by Rostec State Corporation enterprises.

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