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Regional Passenger Aircraft IL-114-300
Upgraded turboprop aircraft IL-114-300 is designed to meet the air transportation market demand for a modern domestic aircraft of 68-seat passenger category, and a cargo aircraft with a payload up to 7 ton. The aircraft has been developed through enhanced modernization of IL-114, considering the positive operation experience of IL-114-100. 
The designer of passenger aircraft IL-114-300 is Ilyushin Development Design Office. Production of the new aircraft is localized at the sites of the original equipment manufacturer – JSC RAC MiG: Production Center No.1 in Lukhovitsy and Nizhny Novgorod aircraft building plant “Sokol”. 
Aircraft General
Dimensional characteristics, m:



Wing span 30,0
Tail plane span 11,1
Parking height 9,2

Passenger compartment dimensions, m:




Maximum width 2,64
Maximum height  1,92
180° turn radius at the maximum (55°) turn of nose landing gear wheels, m


Minimum runway, taxiway width for 180° turn, m  27
Completion of IL-114 certification is due in 2022, and batch production of the fully domestic aircraft certified by JAR-25 will be launched in 2023. The production capacity is available to support the planned level of output – 12 aircraft per year.
IL-114-300 is designed for operation within the range of outside air temperatures of –50 °С to +45 °С, without limitation of geographic latitude of flying. The aircraft perfectly takes off and lands at high-level aerodromes at the altitude of up to 3000 metres. The design life time of IL-114-300 is 30,000 flight hours, 30,000 flights, with the calendar operation life of 30 years. 
The aircraft is equipped with turboshaft engines ТВ7-117СТ-01 which, in line with the unification principle, will be also modified for use on military cargo craft IL-112. 
A range of systems and equipment have been modernized at the research and development stage for use on IL-114-300, including:
1. Integrated navigation system
2. Air conditioning system
3. Automatic pressure control system
4. Wing flaps control system
5. External and internal lights
6. Fuel control and indication system
7. Wheel braking system, wheels with and without brakes
8. Aircraft anti-icing control system
100 % of elements of the modernized aircraft are produced in Russia. IL-114-300 will receive a modern interior of cockpit and passenger compartment, which will be designed at the research and development stage. Three versions of passenger compartment are planned – for 68, 60 and 52 seats. IL114-300 can be further modified for patrol and ambulance functions in arctic conditions, including provision of ski-and-wheel landing gear for operations in the Far North, Siberia and Far East; operations from unprepared airfields are also possible.
Aircraft performance
Take-off power, h.p. 2 x 2900/3100
Maximum load, kg 6500
Maximum passenger capacity 68
Practical flying range (fuel reserve as per JAR-25):
with maximum number of passengers, km
with maximum fuel load and pay load of 1300 kg, km


Cruising speed, km/h eq. up to 500
Maximum flying height, m 7600
maximum takeoff weight, kg
maximum landing weight, kg

23 500 
23 500 
Take-off distance (all engines running), m*
Landing distance (all engines running), m*
* aircraft weight – 23,500 kg


Runway length requirement (engine failure situation, with a 400 m stopway), m
Fuel efficiency factor, g/(pass x km) 19
Fuel consumption per hour, kg/h 550
According to preliminary estimations, fully domestic production of IL-114-300 will yield about $5 billion savings on phasing-out of import components.

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