MiG-31E fighter

The two-seat supersonic MiG-31E fighter is a combat aircraft which has no analogues over the world. It is capable:
– to combat in group air fights at the distances which are inaccessible for any other fighter over the world;
– to realize the network-centric methods of controlling the combat operations in air when engaging within heterogeneous grouping of warfare means;
– to perform the long-range flight with speed of 3000km/h (M=2.83) at high altitudes.

2019 Air Vapormax Flair

The MiG-31E aircraft is designed for intercepting and destroying high- and low-altitude targets in forward and rear hemispheres in uplook and downlook, VMC and IMC, day and night, in the passive and active jamming environment of the enemy.

The MiG-31E aircraft is the export version of the basic MiG-31 aircraft of the Russian Air Force.

The MiG-31E fighter-interceptor basic version has become the first serially produced fighter over the world which is equipped with airborne phased array radar.

The RP-31E phased array radar has a long detection range and simultaneous tracking of 10 air targets. The airborne radio-electronic equipment and armament allows the MiG-31E aircraft to intercept air targets of any types in the whole range of flight altitudes and speeds capable for aerodynamic vehicles (including cruise missiles flying at low altitude in the relief envelope mode) with possibility of simultaneous attack of four targets with long-range missiles.

The MiG-31E aircraft is armed with R-33E long-range missiles as well as the other "A-A" class weapons.

The air targets can be intercepted via the information received from ground automated control system, single coordinate support of this system as well as during the semi-automated actions in the discontinuous radar field and fully independent operations in group. The data link system available aboard the aircraft ensures the mutual exchange of tactic information in automatic mode among the group of four aircraft one of which is a leading one and the group of four MiG-31E aircraft is capable to control the air space in band of 800 km-width to frontage. Besides the airborne equipment is capable to give the target designation to the interacting aircraft when the MiG-31E aircraft is engaged in the combined formation.

The aircraft basic version is operated in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The RAC "MiG" accumulates and summarizes the unique experience of the MiG-31E aircraft application which is called by the leaders of the Russian Air Force as the main aircraft of the air defense fighter aviation. The aircraft and its airborne radio-electronic equipment are being continuously upgraded and new aircraft weapons are being introduced.


Length, m 21,62
Wing span, m 13,456
Height, m 6,456
Take-off weight (maximum), kg 46 200
Maximum airspeed, km/h:  
- near ground 1500
- at high altitude 3000
Maximum M-number 2,83
Service ceiling, m 20 600
Maximum G-load 5
Service range with 4xR-33E and 2 drop tanks, km:  
- without in-flight refueling 3000
- with one in-flight refueling 5400
Engines D-30F6
Take-off thrust, kgf 2х15 500
Number of external stations 6
"A-A" missiles:  
- long range 4хR-3ЗE
- middle range 2хR-40TD1
- short range 4хR-60MK
Built-in air gun, 30 mm GSh-6-23M