As compared with the original MiG-29 aircraft the airborne avionics of the MiG-29SD aircraft has additional mission computer intended for solving the navigation and identification tasks.

The specific scope of up-grading works and new equipment composition can vary depending on the Customer request.

BAE Systems, Rockwell Collins and other companies are subcontractors under the MiG-29 aircraft up-grading program to the NATO & ICAO standards.

The air-superiority gaining MiG-29 fighters adapted only to the ICAO standards differ in simplified composition of airborne equipment and lesser possibilities.

During the MiG-29 aircraft adaptation to NATO and/or ICAO standards the following optional up-grading can be fulfilled:
– aircraft structure reinforcement for the extension of flight hours and service life up to 100% (depending on the aircraft technical condition);
– increase of internal fuel tanks capacity;
– installation of in-flight refueling systems of different types;
– improvement and/or replacement of some airborne systems;
– repair and transfer to on-condition maintenance.

The MiG-29 aircraft up-grading to NATO & ICAO standards can be fulfilled without aircraft delivery to Russia.

The MiG-29 fighters upgraded to NATO & ICAO standards have been in operation with Slovakian AF since 2006.

* The MiG-29 fighters belonging to the AF of states which are not the NATO members initially have the above possibilit but without right to enter the NATO airspace..

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