The air superiority MiG-29 fighters adapted to NATO & ICAO standards, having the following new features:
– "Friend or Foe" targets classification within NATO standard without addressing to the ground control center*;
– compatibility with GPS "NAVSTAR", TACAN radio-navigation system, short-range radio-navigation and landing system;
– significant expansion of in-flight navigation data availability due-to additional mission computer and LCD monitor installation;
– operation in the NATO frequency bands, communication with NATO ATC centers due-to additional radio-stations installation;
– international en-route flights using anti-collision strobe-lights corresponding to NATO/ICAO standards;
– aircraft position detection abandoned by a pilot.

In the course of upgrading the weapons nomenclature remains the same as compared with the original aircraft.

In the composition of the MiG-29SD aircraft airborne avionics the data exchange multiplex channel is added (bus of MIL STD 1553B standard).

Aboard the MiG-29 aircraft adapted to NATO & ICAO standards the new radio-stations, navigation and IFF systems of UK and USA production are installed. The cockpit data display system is improved due to installation of MFD-54 multifunction color display with button bezel and PUS-29 systems control panel (supplied by Russian company "SKB "Russian Avionics").

As compared with the original MiG-29 aircraft the airborne avionics of the MiG-29SD aircraft has additional mission computer intended for solving the navigation and identification tasks.

The specific scope of up-grading works and new equipment composition can vary depending on the Customer request.

BAE Systems, Rockwell Collins and other companies are subcontractors under the MiG-29 aircraft up-grading program to the NATO & ICAO standards.

The air-superiority gaining MiG-29 fighters adapted only to the ICAO standards differ in simplified composition of airborne equipment and lesser possibilities.

During the MiG-29 aircraft adaptation to NATO and/or ICAO standards the following optional up-grading can be fulfilled:
– aircraft structure reinforcement for the extension of flight hours and service life up to 100% (depending on the aircraft technical condition);
– increase of internal fuel tanks capacity;
– installation of in-flight refueling systems of different types;
– improvement and/or replacement of some airborne systems;
– repair and transfer to on-condition maintenance.

The MiG-29 aircraft up-grading to NATO & ICAO standards can be fulfilled without aircraft delivery to Russia.

The MiG-29 fighters upgraded to NATO & ICAO standards have been in operation with Slovakian AF since 2006.

* The MiG-29 fighters belonging to the AF of states which are not the NATO members initially have the above possibilit but without right to enter the NATO airspace..


Length, m 17,32
Wing span, m 11,36
Height, m 4,73
Take-off weight, kg:  
- normal 14 900
- maximum 18 000
Maximum airspeed, km/h:  
- near ground 1500
- at high altitude 2400
Maximum M-number 2,25
Service ceiling, m 18 000
Maximum G-load 9
Ferry range, km:  
- without drop tanks 1500
- with 1 drop tanks 2100
- with 3 drop tanks 2900
Engines RD-33 ser.2 (3)
Take-off thrust, kgf 2х8300
Number of external stations 6
"A-A" missiles:  
- middle range 2хR-27R1
- short range 6хR-7ЗE
Built-in air gun, 30 mm GSh-301