The MiG-29SM is a multi-role fighter with improved airborne avionics and enhanced nomenclature of high precision weapons capable to destroy the air and ground (surface) targets. At development of the MiG-29SM aircraft version the main attention was paid to reduction of the up-grading cost and terms.

The MiG-29 aircraft upgrading to the MiG-29SM version results in inclusion into the N-019E (N-019ME) airborne radar composition of an independent radar-channel with MVK-04 computer, in upgrading of the optical electronic fire control & navigation system due to integration of a new data display system with a MFD-54 multifunction color display and installation of additional weapons management control system. The flight-navigation and radio-communication equipment is added with the multifunctional computer, GPS receiver and additional radio-station. It is provided for the use of a new electronic counter-measures system in pod.

In the composition of MiG-29SM airborne avionics the data exchange multiplex channel is added (bus of MIL STD 1553B standard).

The "A-A" class weapons nomenclature is added with middle-range missiles R-27ER1, R-27ET1 (T1) with radar-guided and IR homing heads and RVV-AE missiles with active radar homing heads.

The up-graded weapons management system ensures the application of high precision weapons of the "A-S" class: Kh-29T (TE), Kh-31A, Kh-31P missiles and guided bombs KAB-500Kr and KAB-500-OD. While using the target designation pod or target external illumination it is possible to apply the Kh-29L, Kh-25ML missiles as well as the laser guided bombs.

It is possible to adapt the MiG-29SM aircraft to the NATO and/or ICAO standards.

While upgrading the original aircraft to the MiG-29SM version the following optional works can be fulfilled:
– aircraft structure reinforcement for the extension of flight hours and service life up to 100% (depending on the aircraft technical condition);
– increase of internal fuel tanks capacity;
– installation of in-flight refueling systems of different types;
– improvement and/or replacement of some airborne systems;
– repair and transfer to on-condition maintenance.

The MiG-29 aircraft upgrading to the MiG-29SM version can be fulfilled without aircraft delivery to Russia. The Customer’s companies or of the third countries may be involved into upgrading.

The equipment required for MiG-29 aircraft upgrading to the MiG-29SM version as well as appropriate algorithmic description and software have been already tested aboard the aircraft and is in serial production and operation with Customer.

Besides the upgrading of the previously supplied aircraft, the new aircraft of the MiG-29SM type can be manufactured.


Length, m 17,32
Wing span, m 11,36
Height, m 4,73
Take-off weight, kg:  
- normal 15 300
- maximum 20 000
Maximum airspeed, km/h:  
- near ground 1500
- at high altitude 2400
Maximum M-number 2,25
Service ceiling, m 17 750
Maximum G-load 9
Ferry range, km:  
- without drop tanks 1500
- with 1 drop tanks 2100
- with 3 drop tanks 2900
- with 3 drop tanks and one single in-flight refueling more than 5000
Engines RD-33 ser.2 (3)
Take-off thrust, kgf 2х8300
Number of external stations 6
"A-A" missiles:  
- middle range




- short range 6хR-7ЗE
"A-S" missiles:  
- general




- anti-ship 2хKh-31A
- anti-radar 2хKh-31P
Guided bombs 4xKAB-500Kr (OD)
Built-in air gun, 30 mm GSh-301

* at application of target designation pod or target external illumination

Lebron XIV 14 Low