MiG-29SMT, upgraded MiG-29UB aircraft

Aircraft can be equipped with ECM system installed in pod. At the customer’s request the MiG-29SMT aircraft can be equipped with the upgraded IRSTS system as well as with radio-stations, navigation equipment and IFF transponders of different types.

According to avionics architecture and weapons nomenclature the MiG-29SMT aircraft is unified with a new generation of the RAC "MiG" fighters family.

The double-seat version of the MiG-29SMT aircraft is called the upgraded MiG-29UB. It has the same avionics structure and identical cockpit data display system composition but it has no radar. The upgraded MiG-29UB aircraft has the same weapons as the MiG-20SMT except for weapons with radar homing heads (for training purposes the simulation mode is provided).

For both the MiG-29SMT and upgraded MiG-29UB aircraft the complete set of training means has been developed.

While upgrading the previously supplied aircraft to the MiG-29SMT version the following optional works can be fulfilled:
– aircraft structure reinforcement for the extension of flight hours and service life (depending on the aircraft technical condition);
– increase of internal fuel tanks capacity;
– installation of in-flight refueling systems of different types;
– improvement and/or replacement of some airborne systems;
– repair and transfer to on-condition maintenance.

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