The MiG-29 light fighter developed in the early 80-s has opened a new epoch in development of light fighters. It has become the first aircraft in the world of this class combining the unsurpassed efficiency in agile air fights and attack of enemy with middle and short range missiles.

The MiG-29 aircraft main features:
– integral aerodynamic layout;
– highly efficient bypass turbojet engines ensuring the starting thrust-to-weight ratio exceeding 1;
– integrated system of airborne radio electronic equipment and armament including NO19E airborne radar, ОEPrNK-29E optronic sighting and navigation integrated system with infra-red search and track system, "Shchel-3UM-1" helmet-mounted target designation system;
– combination of the middle range "A-A" R-27R1 missiles and R-73E close combat missiles;
– high combat survivability of the two-engine aircraft;
– easy operation.

The basic version of the MiG-29 aircraft is intended for destruction with missiles and built-in gun of all types of air targets in simple and adverse weather conditions in look-up and look-down including the jamming conditions. The MiG-29 aircraft is capable to destruct ground targets using rockets within the field of vision.

To prepare and train the MiG-29 aircraft pilots the MiG-29UB two-seat combat trainer has been developed and since 1985 serially produced on the basis of the one-seat combat fighter. The airborne radar is not installed on it and it is provided the simulation modes to practice the application of missiles with radar homing heads.

While designing the MiG-29 aircraft very high capabilities for the aircraft improvement have been laid into its structure that made it possible to create a number of modifications.

Since the middle of 90-s some countries have been supplied with modified MiG-29SE fighters which have increased internal fuel and upgraded N019ME radar with a new computer. The MiG-29SE fighter armament nomenclature is completed with the middle range "A-A" R-27ER1, R-27ET1 (T1) missiles with radar and IR homing heads and RVV-AE missile with active radar homing heads and maximum weapons load is increased up to 4500 kg.

A full set of technical training aids is developed for all modifications of the MiG-29 aircraft.

Having been operated since 1983 the MiG-29 aircraft has become the main fighter in the RF Air Force. The customers are supplied with more than 1600 MiG-29 aircraft of different modifications which are operated in more than 25 countries over the world. Four states have repeatedly bought the MiG-29 aircraft. In the most countries, which have purchased the MiG-29 aircraft, it has become the main type of a light front-line fighter of the national Air Force.

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