MiG-23/MiG-27 aircraft upgrade

In order to show the significant potential of the MiG-23 family front-line fighters and MiG-27 fighter-bomber the RAC "MiG" worked out the program of upgrading the MiG-23 and MiG-27 aircraft taking into account the specific requirements of different customers.

The program provides for installation aboard the aircraft of a number of new onboard avionics systems and expansion of the armament nomenclature. A new armament control system can be built based on the multi-function radar or include an additional system intended for formation of a flight mission or transmission of radio updating commands to the up-to-date "A-A" missiles.

The airborne avionics can be provided with helmet-mounted target designation system and up-to-date data display equipment including the head-up and multifunctional displays. The systems of navigation, communication, electronic counter measure, video recording, integrated system of monitoring, recording and processing of the flight data are subjected to upgrading.

The fighter weapon suite is added with up-to-date R-73E, RVV-AE, R-27R1 "A-A" missiles. Concurrently with upgrading the aircraft service life and lifetime can be extended. At the customer’s request the aircraft can be adapted to employment of the guided weapons of "A-A" and "A-S" class of other types.

Under a separate program in cooperation with "Salut" enterprise it is offered to replace aboard the MiG-27M aircraft the obsolute R29B-300 engine with modern AL-31F ser. 30C engine which will ensure improvement of tactical performance of the fighter-bomber, reliability and cost efficiency of its operation.

Concurrently with upgrading the aircraft service life and lifetime are extended. At the customer’s request the MiG-23ML, MiG-27M and MiG-23UB aircraft can be subjected to upgrading of various complexity level and provided with equipment and armament of foreign production.

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